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Help is available for struggling small businesses – don’t give up yet!

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced yesterday that, UK’s small businesses will have 100% guaranteed access to loans of up to £50,000 – the new “Bounce Back loans” scheme.

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The importance of creating a formal IP strategy for your business

The importance of creating a formal IP strategy for your business Link: https://www.mathys-squire.com/scaleup-quarter/the-importance-of-creating-a-formal-ip-strategy-for-your-business/ In order to safeguard your work, and to work profitably in the future, it is worth considering the importance of creating a formal IP strategy early to prevent loss of investment and time. Align IP strategy with business strategy 80% of a business’ value is in its [...]

It’s all in the detail: innovative brand protection

It’s all in the detail: innovative brand protection Link: https://www.mathys-squire.com/scaleup-quarter/its-all-in-the-detail-innovative-brand-protection/ As competition drives innovation and awakens the creative spirit, we discover that brand identity is, now more than ever, paramount to staying memorable. It is therefore not surprising that businesses will extend their creative efforts far beyond choosing a brand name and logo. Indeed, elements such as colour schemes, packaging, [...]

Top tips to help entrepreneurs get on the right track to success

Top tips to help entrepreneurs get on the right track to success Link: https://www.mathys-squire.com/scaleup-quarter/top-tips-to-help-entrepreneurs-get-on-the-right-track-to-success/ Starting a business can seem like a daunting prospect, given that if you Google ‘startups and fail’ there are lots of articles on the percentage of startups that fail before they get going, which could put you off even getting started! However, by being well prepared [...]

Kerrine Bryan photo
E2E Member Kerrine Bryan – Co-Founder of Butterfly Books

E2E Member Kerrine Bryan Co-Founder of Butterfly Books Kerrine Bryan is the Co-Founder of Butterfly Books, a company which creates and publishes children's books centred around addressing gender bias within careers. Through this, Butterfly Books hopes to inspire young children to explore their career opportunities from a young age without limitations. Kerrine and her brother Jason founded the company together [...]

Clive Goodman - Goodman Response Agency
E2E Member Clive Goodman – Director at Goodman The Response Agency

E2E Member Clive Goodman Director at Goodman The Response Agency A fellow business owner, Clive Goodman runs Goodman - The Response Agency which is an advertising agency based in Soho, London. As an energetic and passionate salesman, Clive founded the company in 1998 and managed to steer his company twice into the Virgin/Sunday Times Fast Track 100 in consecutive years. [...]

E2E Member Lars Boerner – Managing Director at VerdErg Renewable Energy

E2E Member Lars Boerner Managing Director at VerdErg Renewable Energy Lars Boerner is a managing director at VerdErg. A company that utilises their own patented Venturi-Enhanced Turbine Technology (VETT) to create hydropower turbines. This technology utilises the Venturi Principle developed by Bernoulli in order to achieve better efficiency while being cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and fish friendly. VerdErg aims to use [...]

E2E Member Claire Anjos – Joy Coach of Red Cherry Connections

E2E Member Claire Anjos - Joy Coach of Red Cherry Connections Claire Anjos is a Joy Coach who improves human performance in order to help people thrive and raise their company's bottom line. You may be wondering, what does a joy coach do? Well imagine this: the happier your organisation is, the better your people perform. Greater productivity and resilience [...]

E2E Member Dagmar Smit – Founder of Elegantes London, The World’s Rarest Perfumery

E2E Member Dagmar Smit - Founder of Elegantes London E2E Member and CEO of Elegantes London, Dagmar Smit started off their entrepreneurial career by first establishing a thorough reputation and portfolio as leading hoteliers. In Prague, the couple bought an old monastery and renovated it into what would become Prague's award-winning The Augustine hotel. From there, moving to Dubai to [...]

Judy Naake
E2E Board Member Judy Naake MBE, DL – Queen of the Self-Tan

E2E Member Judy Naake MBE, DL - Queen of the Self-Tan Queen of self-tan, entrepreneur extraordinaire, Judy Naake MBE, DL, is the beauty and cosmetics industry pioneer, responsible for making the tanning brand, St Tropez, a household name.  The St Tropez mastermind built the fake-tan brand, from humble beginnings, into a multimillion-pound business, in just 10 years.  After surviving breast cancer – twice, Judy sold St Tropez in 2005 to LDC Private [...]

Peter Roberts
E2E Board Member Peter Roberts – How I sold my business for £600m

E2E Member Peter Roberts - How I sold my business for £600m Serial entrepreneur Peter Roberts has over 35 years’ experience in the property and leisure industries. His most recent ground-breaking business was Pure Gym, a gym chain with no contracts, low monthly fees and flexible 24-hour opening, which he founded in 2008, revolutionising the gym industry. It is the [...]

Digital Marketing Digest October 2020

E2E has developed into an exciting and thriving powerhouse of entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurial non-execs, with ambition and innovation at its core. E2E is a trusted entrepreneurial community which has just one objective: to unlock the full potential of ambitious entrepreneurial businesses by enabling extraordinary connectivity. Marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the last 50. [...]

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 16.33.53
Year Ahead 2021 – UBS House View

Welcome to the Year Ahead 2021. In a “Year of Renewal” we will see a world that is steadily returning to normal, despite continued uncertainty, while also rapidly accelerating into a trans- formed future. If investing in 2020 was about going resilient, large, and American, we think 2021 will be about going cyclical, small, and global as the sectors and [...]

PJM Profile pic High Res
E2E Board Member Highlight – Philip Maskell

E2E Member Highlight - Philip Maskell Meet the man who had a transformational influence on the UK Retail Automotive Industry, E2E Advisory Board Member and investor; Philip Maskell. With over 40 years in the Retail Motor Industry experience spanning the UK and Australia, Philip Maskell is a proven pioneer in helping shape the Retail Motor Industry.  He is the founder [...]

Remote working
Building A Remote Work Culture

Building A Remote Work Culture It is your role as a Business Leader to set the tone and vibe of the workplace, how your employees work together as a cohesive unit. Unfortunately, simply ordering it to be so won’t work as you can’t force your employees to respond accordingly, especially in a remote workplace. Remote working has long been eyed [...]

Social Media; King of Public Opinion

Social Media; The king of Public Opinion   Twenty years ago, our now beloved computer enthusiasts were working the world up into a frenzy about their hopes to create a ‘Cyberspace world’. They were all adorably enthusiastic about achieving a ‘Globalized Village’ where every person in the world comes together in harmony and peace. The ultimate ideal, create a neutral [...]

Rise of Freelancers

Rise of Freelancers Why outsourcing may be the solution to turning it around.    Every business leader hopes to attract the self-starters and innovative talent to their company. A great team is usually behind the success of any given company, and employees who strive to cover their blind spots and any gaps in their knowledge and skills, are hugely sought [...]

Late payment.
Late Payments- The Plague of UK SMEs 

10 tips for taking a Proactive Approach to Late Payments   According to figures released in November 2019 by Pay UK, which runs the Bacs Direct Credit and Direct Debit payment services, 8 out of 10 private sector late payments are owed to SMEs by other SMEs. It’s a vicious cycle that will continue to churn if measures aren’t taken to [...]

yogendra-singh-AZgseXuIML0-unsplash (1)
Post Pandemic Normal

A Guide for making the Journey Back to The Office.   "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”. Socrates  The truth behind those words still lives strong millennia later, in more ways than one. In this instance, the road to achieving normality post-lockdown is one filled [...]

Why Should We Value Corporate Social Responsibility?

Why Should We Value Corporate Social Responsibility? Corporate social responsibility; The Debate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has recently become a strongly debated topic. Are businesses responsible for solving societal ills? Or should businesses merely maximize shareholder wealth? And what of government involvement? Should the free market reign free and unhindered? Or should there be legislative encouragement for social responsible practices? [...]

Digital Marketing Digest March 2020 | E2E + TechShu


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Reset for the recovery

Reset for the recovery

Investor Watch Picture
UBS Investor Watch: Setting a New Course

Investor Watch 2020 – Setting a new course: Rethinking health and wealth in a post covid-19 world

Global Family Office Report Picture
UBS Global Office Family Report

Global Family Office Report 2020

UBS Doing Business In Europe Image
Doing Business in Europe

Doing Business in Europe

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The Art of Failing Spectacularly

The Art of Failing Spectacularly  Thomas Edison said ‘I have never failed. I just found 10,000 ways something won’t work’  Not to sound like a fortune cookie, but most of what success looks like, is based on the failures we endured to get there. It is a part of everyone’s story- founders, inventors, artists, athletes. Everyone’s journey to success was [...]

Challenges Facing Small Enterprises in 2020

Challenges Facing Small Enterprises in 2020 The current state of the world has created massive challenges for small enterprises everywhere. This is particularly true for those in the retail sector, where physical distancing and other “new normal” guidelines have upended the most common retail business models. Because of the lockdown in the UK, a report by The Guardian indicates that nearly [...]

sustainable investing
Sustainable investing after COVID-19

Sustainable investing after COVID-19 Through the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the global economy and markets in 2020, sustainable investing (SI) strategies and instruments have delivered comparable or better performance than conventional equivalents. This is a short time-frame and an unprecedented situation, so relative performance should not be directly extrapolated over the longer term, but investors with [...]

Does disruption still make sense?

Disruptive innovation It was 1995 when the term Disruptive innovation was first coined by Clayton M. Christensen in his bookThe Innovator's Dilemma. Over the next 4 min we will answer, what is disruption? how does it apply in my market? and where to start? Before getting into it, I would like to stress the importance of looking ahead instead of [...]

UK & Ireland Private Capital Breakdown

UK & Ireland Private Capital Breakdown The monster mash-up of COVID-19 in its size, speed and the fear it causes means no European region is escaping the downturn in PE deal activity. We anticipate deal flow in the UK & Ireland will precipitously fall in the region, with no expected rebound until Q4 2020 as GPs focus on managing portfolio [...]

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 10.52.58
European M&A Report

European M&A Report The latest edition of the European M&A Report captures the market before the pandemic froze the world's economy. PitchBook analysts look beyond Q1 M&A data to the future of 2020 and how dealmakers might proceed as they shift priorities and navigate challenged logistical processes. We home in on sectors vulnerable to the shutdown (B2C, particularly hospitality) and [...]

Looking at COVID-19 from another perspective

May 14, 2020 Looking at COVID-19 from another perspective Be inspired by the insights of UBS Global Visionaries UBS Global Visionaries are leading change-makers with innovative solutions to some of the world's most challenging social and environmental problems. They work in diverse areas from food waste, vertical farming and lab-grown meat, to solar grids, eco-fabrics and ocean plastic. Many of [...]

Sustainable investing

Investment Sustainable investing April 1, 2020 Sustainable investing COVID-19 pandemic: investors focus on dual returns Key Insights: Inclusion of global multilateral development bank (MDB) and green bonds in a diversified portfolio may provide protection against declines in risky assets. MDB bonds have recently outperformed traditional high grade bond indexes, and the same is true for green bonds compared with broad [...]

COVID-19’s Influence on the European PE Market

Investment COVID-19's Influence on the European PE Market April 16, 2020 COVID-19's Influence on the European PE Market The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on developed economies and global financial markets worldwide, roiling them with an unprecedented degree of uncertainty. The European private equity market is no exception. PitchBook’s latest research note dedicated to European PE analysis explores the impacts [...]

COVID-19’s Influence on the European VC Market

Investment, Entrepreneurship COVID-19's Influence on the European VC Market April 20, 2020 COVID-19's Influence on the European VC Market How the pandemic will affect the dynamic between startups, GPs and LPs As the havoc wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic proliferates, the momentum that catapulted European venture activity to record levels in 2019 will abate this year, according to PitchBook research analysts [...]

Digital Marketing Digest

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Digest 11 April 2020 Digital Marketing Digest April 2020 Marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the last 50. This curated list is prepared with the help of our digital partner to help you stay updated on all the latest & important digital marketing updates and insights from March. We have cut [...]

How to grow your business by acquiring a distressed company

Business How to grow your business by acquiring a distressed company 1 April 2020 How to grow your business by acquiring a distressed company Source: Adobe Stock Every acquisition carries an element of risk, making it particularly understandable that, when looking to acquire a new business, some entrepreneurs are wary of purchasing a company that is already in debt. However, [...]

Stimulus progress lifts stocks

Business, Finance Stimulus progress lifts stocks 27 March 2020 Stimulus progress lifts stocks What happened? Other central banks and governments have been ramping up their policy response. Germany on Monday signed off on an emergency budget, equivalent to 3.6% of GDP, including a new rescue fund for additional spending, aid for companies, state-backed loans, and loan guarantees. The package comes on [...]

Markets whipsawed by policy uncertainty

Finance, Business Markets whipsawed by policy uncertainty 27 March 2020 Markets whipsawed by policy uncertainty The Fed's decision to effectively remove any limits on quantitative easing, establish facilities for the purchase of corporate bonds in the primary and secondary markets, along with support for municipal lenders, represents a significant escalation of its monetary policy support. The Fed has now broken [...]

US growth fears rattle the markets

Finance, Business US growth fears rattle the markets 26 March 2020 US growth fears rattle the markets The US fiscal response to fill this hit to economic activity is accelerating, but for now, the impact of the containment measures is still overwhelming the policy. In Washington, negotiations are underway on a third stimulus package expected to exceed USD 1 trillion [...]

PitchBook Analyst Note: COVID-19, the Sell-Everything Trade, and the Impact on Private Markets

Business, Finance, Investment PitchBook Analyst Note: COVID-19, the Sell-Everything Trade, and the Impact on Private Markets 19 March 2020 PitchBook Analyst Note: COVID-19, the Sell-Everything Trade, and the Impact on Private Markets This analyst note assesses what’s in store for PE and VC firms in the wake of recent market volatility and an impending economic slowdown due to the coronavirus. Dissecting historical [...]

Budget 2020: the £30bn spend

Business, Entrepreneurship Budget 2020: the £30bn spend 18 March 2020 Budget 2020: the £30bn spend haysmacintyre Tax specialists have prepared an in-depth analysis following the Budget, as delivered by Rishi Sunak on Wednesday 11 March 2020, promising that, ‘we are at the beginning of a new era in this country. We have the freedom and the resources to decide our own future’. The [...]

How to build a pipeline of investors

13 March 2020 How to build a pipeline of investors If you need to raise funds for your business, the appeal of an investor pipeline is hard to ignore. Positive investors can write cheques to fund your round and assure financial stability for your company as it scales and grows. Of course, things are never plain sailing in business, and [...]

European VC Valuations Report

Investment, Business European VC Valuations Report 12 March 2020 European VC Valuations Report The 2019 Annual European VC Valuations Report covers trends shaping the valuations of venture-backed companies in the continent, slicing the data to examine each sector, venture stage and European region. We take a look at activity for European unicorns in particular, the number and aggregate value of [...]

Coronavirus scenarios: How should investors position?

Investment, Business Coronavirus scenarios: How should investors position? 8 March 2020 Coronavirus scenarios: How should investors position? In the last Global Risk Radar report, UBS highlighted that investors should not be complacent. Since then, the coronavirus has spread worldwide and global equities have experienced their largest weekly fall since 2008. We would characterize the market response since mid-January as typical [...]

Make it Work: Lessons from Life in Business

Entrepreneurship Make it Work: Lessons from Life in Business 2 March 2020 Make it Work: Lessons from Life in Business Make it Work: Lessons from Life in Business is a collection of inspiring, insightful and real stories from women who mean business. The book provides inspiration, tips and practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and future business leaders. The #SheMeansBusiness anthology [...]

European M&A Report

Business, Investment European M&A Report 26 February 2020 European M&A Report Source: PitchBook This edition of the European M&A Report takes an annual view, looking back at a year that surpassed €1 trillion in overall M&A value despite fewer deals closing over €5 billion. PitchBook analysts spotlight activity in the Nordics region, which has benefited from a favourable global macroeconomic [...]

Technology and climate change: How big is the investment opportunity?

Technology, Investment Technology and climate change: How big is the investment opportunity? 24 February 2020 Technology and climate change: How big is the investment opportunity? Source: UBS Governments and corporations have made bold commitments to tackle climate change. Initiatives such as the Paris Agreement aim to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels [...]

How to go about selling your business to a rival

Business How to go about selling your business to a rival 21 February 2020 How to go about selling your business to a rival When you are thinking of selling your business, considering rivals as potential buyers may be hard to stomach, but can be highly rewarding from a selling point of view. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, a fifth of all [...]

Digital opportunities in consumer sectors

Business Digital opportunities in consumer sectors 20 February 2020 Digital opportunities in consumer sectors Consumer behaviour is changing. Greater smartphone penetration has dissolved boundaries of time and place, transforming how consumers interact with consumer companies. Global e-commerce is a market currently valued at around USD 4tr, and it offers attractive longterm growth prospects with 15%–20% annual addressable market growth. Innovations [...]

Four ways entrepreneurs young and old can benefit from succession planning

Entrepreneurship, Business Four ways entrepreneurs young and old can benefit from succession planning 19 February 2020 Four ways entrepreneurs young and old can benefit from succession planning Source: Unsplash Exiting a business can be a moment of truth for entrepreneurs. After many years and much effort in forging a company, entrepreneurs typically want their business to flourish after they leave and [...]

COVID-19 update: News from sectors and stocks – oil related

22 March 2020 COVID-19 update: News from sectors and stocks - oil related Overview: In the Eurozone sector allocation, we are overweight utilities and industrials. We are underweight communication services and materials. After the slump in oil prices, UBS answers the most urgent questions on the most impacted sectors: energy, chemicals, utilities, and transport. UBS recommends: 1) selectivity among stocks [...]

Markets relapse as COVID-19 related restrictions outpace stimulus

22 March 2020 Markets relapse as COVID-19 related restrictions outpace stimulus The dislocation caused by widespread restrictions on movement continues to reverberate around global markets and overwhelm policymaker responses. The S&P 500 was down 5.2% on Wednesday, while the Euro Stoxx 50 closed 5.7% lower and the Hang Seng fell 4.2%. Even safe havens were not immune, as many investors [...]

Coronavirus drives fastest bear market ever

21 March 2020 Coronavirus drives fastest bear market ever What has happened? Markets sold off on Thursday as investors priced in the view that the intensity and duration of COVID-19’s economic impact will be worse than expected, but is also still not fully known. This is the result of several factors: US President Donald Trump announced a 30-day travel ban [...]

5 Effective Green Marketing Strategies

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, there's an increase in demand for brands to also convert to being eco-conscious. The consequences of Global Warming have become more obvious and the result of this is the increasing demand for eco-friendly products, influencing companies to implement green strategies in an attempt to meet consumer demands. As companies try to rebrand themselves as [...]

The Holiday Effect: Festive activities for investors

With the Holiday season upon us, economic performance is assumed to be improving for most of the businesses. Another group that is welcoming the festivities with open arms are investors. They are ready to realise gains in the financial markets, due to the so-called ‘’Holiday Effect’’. For several years, academics have been researching whether stock returns are higher on the [...]

So, you don’t have enough money to buy a business?

When the majority of people are seriously intent on buying a business, they often treat the process like buying a house. The process doesn’t have to be like this - when you’ve made your mind up to buy a business, approaching the purchase more strategically can help. View the report

UBS Investor Watch on the Year Ahead

As we begin not just another year but a new decade, UBS decided to look at how investors globally are preparing for the future. In a world that is increasingly connected, the impact of geopolitical events such as the global trade conflict, the upcoming US Presidential election, Brexit, political discord in multiple regions is weighing on investors globally, causing the […]

What do Angels consider when investing?

With the growing amount of early-stage companies in the United Kingdom, the demand for Angel Investment is expected to increase significantly. However, with 90% of startups doomed to fail in their early stages, Angels will have to balance the potential return on their investment with the risk that is being considered. While established companies are able to demonstrate their ability […]

Office workstation top view of business people working around M&A, keyboard, calculator, phablet and money on wooden table - merger and acquisition concept
Boosting your business’ green credentials through acquisition and investment

According to Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock, “sustainable investing will become a core component of how everybody invests in the future”. In Fink’s opinion, this does not mean investors needing to sacrifice returns; on the contrary, investors will enjoy greater returns than from non-sustainable investments. One of the current dominant themes in global investment is [...]

The PROS and CONS of an IPO: Should You Go Public?

Public companies must adhere to strict regulations set forth by a governing body (the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK) which oversees auditable financial and accounting reports every quarter. Additionally, the stock exchange, which lists the shares, will have its own rules and regulations that companies must follow; but being able to float on a stock exchange will allow the […]

Annual European PE Breakdown

The European PE Breakdown captures trends in dealmaking, exits and fundraising that are shaping the private equity landscape in Europe. This edition spotlights the Israeli PE ecosystem, which more than doubled its annual deal value in 2019 at €3.5 billion and appears ripe with opportunities for PE investors going forward. Key takeaways: European PE deal activity nearly matched 2018’s historic levels, […]

Beauty industry riding the wave of M&A into 2020

Business Beauty industry riding the wave of M&A into 2020 February 12, 2020 Beauty industry riding the wave of M&A into 2020 The beauty industry has a particularly diversified consumer base across many demographics, and, like its fashion sister industry, many trends can flourish simultaneously. Both industries thrive on their promise to provide the tools for individual expression and enhancement. [...]

European Venture Report

2019 saw a record-breaking aggregate deal value for the European venture landscape, as alternative and international sources of capital flooded in. Mature startups raked in larger and larger financings, helping propel median deal sizes across all stages of venture. In the latest European Venture Report, our research analysts review investment datasets and more to uncover the key trends defining these [...]

Reflections from my perspective: A brief overview of how I got to where I am – Darryl Eales

Entrepreneurship Reflections from my perspective: A brief overview of how I got to where I am - Darryl Eales 11 February 2020 Reflections from my perspective: A brief overview of how I got to where I am Coupled with being a prolific private equity investor, Darryl is also one of the UK's most understated change makers. During the E2E Leaders [...]

How much can I sell my business for?

There is no single way to value a business. However, if you are considering selling your company, you’ll most likely want to know what to expect from the sale – both for planning and marketing purposes. Conveniently, sellers tend to use one of four main methods to assess the value of their company: price-to-earnings ratio, asset valuations, entry cost, and [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Self-interest or improving economic performance?

With the ever-increasing public scrutiny in the modern era, companies’ managers now feel the pressure to improve their brand’s perception. With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), managers attempt to improve the public’s view of the company, illustrating that the company is playing a positive role in the welfare of society. As CSR has become a factor in the decision making of […]

Can organisations do well while doing good?

Corporate social responsibility encompasses the organisation’s social and environmental initiatives. Demand for CSR continues to grow, influencing the way organisations communicate their purpose and values with stakeholders. CSR can create social good and enhance brand reputations, but the question remains, can organisations do well while doing good? Impact of CSR initiatives on a company’s bottom line Previous research studies have […]

The adoption of Green IT strategies as a form of Corporate Social Responsibility

With the year coming to an end, and the UN Climate Change Conference taking place this month, the green agenda is inevitably coming to the fore. Companies will be revising their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies in preparation for the new decade. Today, more and more organisations are showing their commitments towards CSR. Corporate green initiatives are no longer exclusive […]

Viewer Insights Report

Viewer Insights over the last 30 days take an in-depth look into the activity of business acquirers across the UK, showing: the most viewed sector insights on the Business Sale Report website, the most popular industries, and the top businesses piquing interest. View the report

European Venture Report

As 2019 winds to a close, PitchBook's 3Q 2019 European Venture Report explores the key factors shaping the continent's venture market on the whole, from dealmaking to exits. Through three quarters, annual venture deal value in Europe has already hit an all-time record. Corporate venture players have played a key role, as the proportion of deals involving their participation also [...]

Are you ready to face the disruptors? Bridging the innovation-execution gap

Although digital disruption affects different industries in different ways, it is almost certain that digital disruption has impacted every industry to some degree in recent years. Even if your service or product is consumed personally, or your business is a one with little room for digitalisation, digital disruption will nonetheless have transformed elements such as distribution and marketing. The impact [...]

How to scale up your business in a fast-paced environment?

According to the Small Business Administration, only about half of all new businesses even survive to reach their fifth birthday. Only one-third of those make it to the 10-year mark. Scaling up a startup takes clarity of purpose, a feasible business model and a team that is ready for the challenge of operating in a fast-paced environment. Some startups seem […]

How to manage an innovation portfolio?

Innovation portfolio management is a process of converting strategic priorities and objectives into innovation activities. This gives your business the chance to identify innovations with high potential and removing those projects with high risk or low potential. Innovation portfolio management is a risk management tool that is essential to minimising the risk factor of a business when it comes to […]

When is the right time to sell your business?

This piece explores some of the times that you might consider selling up – some of the warning signs, and the signs that it just might be the right time.   When you’ve committed to a business – whether you’ve built it from scratch or you took on an existing company – making the decision to sell will never be […]

The billionaire effect

As we look ahead to the next five years, it is difficult to predict the future. Our research tells us that leading entrepreneurs are primed for a more difficult environment. But what will remain constant is the billionaire effect – the ability to transform entire industries, to create large numbers of well-paid jobs, and to rally the world to find […]

Invest in your employees

Employees respond positively when they believe their employer genuinely cares about their well-being. Hence, employers should offer H&W programs that go beyond the basic fitness and diet services to a more holistic well-being program aligned with the company’s culture.   Source: Unsplash The idea that companies should invest in the health of their employees has become mainstream and a large […]

8 Ways to spot opportunities for innovation in your business

“If leaders are unable to slough off yesterday, to abandon yesterday, they simply will not be able to create tomorrow.” – Peter Drucker. Innovation is often linked with the creation of new products or services, but yet it goes beyond that. Changing the way in which we do things is also innovation. For businesses to stay relevant they need to […]

A practical guide to cybersecurity for the entrepreneur

In a recent global UBS Investor Survey, cybersecurity ranked as one of the top three concerns for investors and business owners. Cybersecurity ranks as one of the top three concerns for investors and business owners, and the number of cybersecurity incidents is rising by 20%-30% per year. Source: Unsplash In today’s digital world, most of us have become more interconnected […]

Does the UK offer a favourable environment for entrepreneurs?

It might seem a time of political and economic uncertainty is a curious point to be discussing the environment for entrepreneurs in the UK. On the contrary, periods of change often present opportunities for entrepreneurs to reshape their business to benefit from future growth opportunities. Source: Unsplash Is now a good time to be an entrepreneur in the UK? Political […]

If communication is so critical to leadership and business, why isn’t there enough communication in business today?

Internal communication is one of the most pivotal structures behind an organisation’s success and it should not be taken as extra work. Internal communication is simply the way an organisation interacts with its people and how they interact with it. But, is it that simple? Internal communication is one of the most pivotal structures behind an organisation’s success and it […]

European PE Breakdown 3Q

European PE deal value soared in 3Q 2019 to €122.7 billion, a 24.8% uptick QoQ. On an annual basis, the volume has continued its downward trend but has remained broadly static QoQ. Deal volume in the UK & Ireland region has remained surprisingly resilient in the face of strong macroeconomic headwinds.   Source: Unsplash The European PE Breakdown captures trends […]

Communication in the Digital Age: Implementing Effective Digital Communication Strategies for Businesses

Digital communications help generate sales leads, retain customers, and handle customer queries. By adding new social media channels into your marketing mix, this extends the reach of existing communications, helping businesses engage deeply and profitably with entirely new audiences by raising brand awareness, establishing credibility and demonstrating leadership.   Source: Unsplash Most businesses, if not all, are now online and […]

European Venture Report 2Q

The European Venture Report covers dealmaking, exits and fundraising trends shaping the VC landscape across the continent. This edition spotlights the pharma & biotech sector and touches on trends such as extensive CVC participation in European deals and the dominant role software plays in the VC ecosystem. Figures of note from the 2Q edition include: €8.1 billion was invested across […]

How to take care of yourself?

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment. There’s been many definitions of work life balance and the underlining summary is that maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnouts in the workplace. But..most organisations are still trying to figure out what exactly does work–life balance look like?

What happens when you align culture with strategy?

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Seeing Sustainability As An Effective Growth Strategy

By Sara Roberts, Founder & CEO of Healthy Nibbles and Kundai S. Masunda. Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries. Simply put, sustainability is a business approach to creating long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organisation operates in the ecological, social and economic environment. Embedding sustainability throughout organisations has to come from the [...]

markus-winkler-HeqXGxnsnX4-unsplash (1)
The food revolution: Sustainable investing

The future of food and the challenges we face. The UN predicts the global population will swell from less than eight billion today to around 10 billion in the next three decades. Growing healthy food in a sustainable way for such a vast number of people requires rethinking our current approach to the food supply chain and applying technology intelligently […]

How to diversify as a business owner

Chief Investment Office GWM | UBS Entrepreneurs typically have much of their wealth tied up in their businesses. This concentration of capital can generate significant returns. For example, 89 Chinese and 30 American business owners became billionaires in 2017, according to the 2018 UBS/PwC Billionaires Report. This report shows that holding assets outside your business can help you reduce swings in [...]

What does Sustainability mean in business?

We had the opportunity of interviewing Graham Hobson, founder of Photobox on (the largest personalisation company in Europe) what sustainability in business means to him. 1. What does sustainability mean in business? Providing great service whilst minimising use of natural resources and reducing environmental impact. “Capitalism discounts the true cost resources.” We need to assume that one day that cost [...]

7 High Impact Actionable Wisdom Shots

Today, telling you about digital marketing impact on any business is no different than telling you that sun rises from the east. It is an established fact, the majority of us are using digital marketing, but, some of us are struggling to use it in the right way. Here are 7 high impact actionable wisdom shots that will help you […]


Current studies state that there are over four billion internet users in 2019 and more than three billion social media users in the world. This means if you want to go to where people are, you need to be active online; making digital marketing more vital than ever before in reaching a larger audience. With such a diverse product appealing [...]

It’s a long road but, it’s worth it

Last week E2E took its ScaleUp2Success series event to Edinburgh and what an incredible evening it was. The key discussion was around getting Scottish scale-ups to start scaling, among other business topics. “It was wonderful to have had the opportunity to showcase some of UK’s inspirational entrepreneurs and business leaders who are in support of E2E and its mission”, says […]


PRESS RELEASE: According to Insider (2019), Scotland has fallen behind most of the UK in growing the vital high-growth scaleup businesses that the economy desperately needs.  Dropping 21 places in the number of scaleups per 100,000 population in the latest available ONS statistics. Barriers to growth in Scotland comprise of access to infrastructure and premises, need for leadership development, and access […]

Employer tips | How to have a stress-free summer

We’re beginning to enjoy the start of the summer weather – but as an employer, you may be anxious about the chaos that this time of year can bring.  Wedding season is approaching, there’s barbeques, parties and sporting events to keep us busy, and we’re all dusting off our suitcases for our next stint abroad. Amidst all the excitement, work […]

Can disciplinary and police investigations run simultaneously?

Your employee is accused of committing a work-related offence that necessitates police involvement.  E2E’s strategic partner, Ellis Whittam, discuss whether you as an employer have to wait until the police investigation has concluded before conducting your own disciplinary process? In a word, no. That’s according to the outcome of a recent case, in which the Court of Appeal ruled that waiting […]

Lady Justice on top of Old Bailey
Tribunal claim numbers up 23% year on year

The government has released the latest set of Tribunal statistics for the period October to December 2018 – and they make for stark reading for entrepreneurs. It’s been more than 18 months since Tribunal fees were abolished, but there is still no sign of the number of claims slowing down. Naturally, you will want to adopt proper defences to reduce […]

a female university student sits at a desk and has an informal interview with her work placement provider .
Pre-employment checks explained

No matter how rigorous the interview process, you can never really know how a prospective employee will work out and how well they fit in your organisation. They may have dazzled you throughout the recruitment stage, but can they impress you in the long run? Of course, you want to make the most informed recruitment decision possible, so you may […]

UBS Investor Watch-The ultimate

As a business owner, you understand that planning is often key to your success. Perhaps you already have plans in place for when the time comes to sell your business. Unfortunately, many business owners don't or underestimate what's required for a successful sale, so they end up exiting their business later than they expect. Over half of business owners have [...]

E2E Entrepreneur Awards, Birmingham – The Winners!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Birmingham #SCALEUP2SUCCESS event. We’d like to thank not only the speakers on the night, but everyone who attended and made it such an inspiring evening. Without further ado, we wanted to reveal the award winners for the E2E Entrepreneur Awards, Birmingham E2E Start Up Entrepreneur To Watch For: Sponsored by IWG […]

E2E’s Entrepreneur Awards Birmingham: The Shortlist

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the E2E Entrepreneur Awards Birmingham. The award ceremony will be held at #SCALEUP2SUCCESS Birmingham on 27th March – we hope you can join us. For more information about our Birmingham event, visit our event page here. E2E Start Up Entrepreneur To Watch For Birmingham Redbeard QuickBird Snoozle Buckt Whisk E2E Social Impact […]

UBS Investor Watch – Why Women Should Take Control of Their Wealth to Achieve Financial Wellbeing

For the latest UBS Investor Watch, UBS conducted extensive research to study how women around the world engage with their finances. They surveyed nearly 3,700 married women, widows and divorcees in Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and the US. They wanted to know: How do women around the world approach their financial well-being? Are they [...]

Two businesspersons talking in the office
Employer FAQs on recruitment

When employers are making selection and recruitment decisions, they need to make sure that they are not falling foul of equality laws. E2E’s strategic partner, Ellis Whittam, answer some of the questions frequently asked by employers. Is it lawful for an employer to require a job applicant to be of a particular sex? Only in very narrow circumstances. To do […]

Keeley Deininger, Founder of Angel’s Face on Hiring The Right People

‘Talent and recruitment’ has proven to be one of the biggest challenges facing our entrepreneurial community today. Founders and CEOs across the UK struggle to find and retain the right people who can help to take their business to the next level. Talent and recruitment is a theme that E2E would like to explore further this month. So we caught […]

Venture Ecosystem FactBook: DACH

This article was written by our Corporate Partner Pitchbook The DACH venture ecosystem—which spans three diverse economies—had one of its more dynamic years in 2018. Learn more in our FactBook. This edition of Venture Ecosystem FactBook zooms in on 2018 venture activity in the DACH region, which houses Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Despite a litany of macro factors exerting pressure on [...]

Close up of workers working in a printing factory
The manufacturing skills gap: How to recruit and retain apprentices

Article by our partners Ellis Whittam With an ongoing skills gap in the manufacturing industry, we take a look at the issues manufacturers are facing with their workforce, and what the changing demographic of workers means for employers. What’s the situation? The world of manufacturing is changing. With new technologies dominating the scene, a wide range of new technical skills […]

2018 Annual European Venture Report

Article by Pitchbook In 2018, European venture investors raised €8.4B in only 62 funds. Venture analysts Joelle Sostheim and Cameron Stanfill help us understand what is driving this change. The 2018 Annual European Venture Report unpacks a year that saw median deal size continue to climb against waning deal count, a lack of €1 billion+ exits despite the year's keenness for liquidity, [...]

7 ways to improve employee retention

A conveyer belt of people running out the door is very bad for business. It can have a negative effect on employees’ morale as they end up lumbered with the work of their colleagues. It can mean you have to spend valuable time and resource searching for a replacement and hiring a temporary worker to cover immediate needs. Worst of […]

European PE Breakdown

Article by our partners Pitchbook. Read the original article here. In the 2018 Annual European PE Breakdown, PitchBook analysts explore recent trends shaping the European private equity dealmaking landscape, including an increasing penchant for loans as a financing option, elevated participation from non-European investors in European PE deals, and Brexit's potential toll on on the economies of UK and broader Europe. Deal, [...]

How should investors deal with lump sums?

Article by our partners, UBS For many wealthy individuals, the sale of a business is a key turning point in their lives. When markets are uncertain, as they are today, it can be difficult to know when to put the resulting cash windfall to work. But one thing is for sure: staying in cash over the long term is almost […]

E2E Entrepreneur Awards, Sheffield – The Winners!

E2E Start Up Entrepreneur To Watch For: Sponsored by IWG Group, presented by Heidi Powel-Biney from Spaces, Sheffield. Winner: Meadowhead Flowers E2E Social Impact Entrepreneur: Presented by Aji Issac Mathew Winner: Perform Green E2E Entrepreneur Ecosystem Supporter: Presented by Shalini Khemka Winner: Yorcom E2E Next Big Scale Up Entrepreneur to Watch for: Sponsored by UBS, presented by Stephen Wilson, UBS. […]

Happy businesswoman wearing suit working using a calculator in a desk at office
New itemised payslip legislation: A guide for employers

Article by Ellis Whittam By now, you should be aware of new government legislation that will require all employers to provide an itemised payslip from 6 April 2019. Employers now have just over two months to prepare for the changes – but what does the legislation require, and when does it apply? What is an itemised payslip? Essentially, an itemised […]

UBS Year Ahead 2019

Geopolitical uncertainty, tighter monetary policy, and a maturing global cycle are contributing to more turbulent markets.As the economic cycle advances, investors will need to be ready for ongoing volatility. In this document UBS reveals its house view for 2019 and indicates where there are still attractive opportunities around the globe. Year Ahead 2019 – UBS House View. This report has been prepared [...]

The science and data behind the subscription box craze

This post was taken from our Partners at pitchbook.com The subscription box service may someday become an icon of 2010s nostalgia, much like what America Online was to the ’90s and gelatin-enveloped tuna was to the ’60s. While the early 2010s saw a huge rise in the business of selling subscription boxes, the data suggests it may have hit its […]

EU citizens in the UK after Brexit: How to square the circle

From our partners at PitchBook. Original article can be viewed here. The clock is ticking, and there are now fewer than 60 days left before the UK is set to leave the EU. After months of negotiations, a Brexit deal that was overwhelmingly rejected by the UK Parliament and weeks of political infighting, many questions still remain unanswered. Much focus […]

E2E Entrepreneur Awards Shortlist, Sheffield

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the E2E Entrepreneur Awards in Sheffield on 12th February. Please come and support these businesses and our speakers on 12th February by Registering for tickets here. E2E Scaled-Up Entrepreneur: A company that has achieved scale up growth, has a high turnover as well as number of employees, and could be considered a […]

Ellis Whittam: ANNUAL LEAVE | Use or lose it?

As we draw a close to the calendar year, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has handed down an important judgment on the right to paid annual leave. The Court decided that a worker should not automatically lose their right to paid annual leave because they did not apply for it.   What is this case all […]

Glasgow Entrepreneurs Crowned at E2E’s 2018 Entrepreneurial Awards

Entrepreneurs from Glasgow came together on the 15th November to celebrate their success at the E2E Entrepreneurial Awards. The awards are part of the E2E’s #ScaleUp2Success series, with events throughout the year to support scale ups. E2E began in 2011 and was inspired by the strength of Scotland’s entrepreneurial networks. Founder and CEO Shalini Khemka’s involvement with the Entrepreneurial Exchange […]


By the Chief Investment Office: Daniel Trum, CFA, Strategist; Thomas Flury, Strategist   Summary Brexit uncertainty and a strong US economy should continue to favor the USD over the GBP for the next three months. Hedging currency risks looks attractive. We still expect a favorable outcome for Brexit negotiations, but the risk of a cliff-edge Brexit remains significant. In our [...]

Why do women still comprise the minority of successful founders? What can be done to change this?

It’s assumed women are under-represented in senior management roles and as founders. Is this true? If so, how big is the shortfall? Kate: “About 30 per cent of our portfolio is run by women. That’s pretty good. I would love it to be 50 per cent, but 30 per cent seems to be the sticking point. And that’s not just […]

UBS Report: UK equities

UK equities: Which stocks are most exposed to Brexit?   Summary: In our House view Tactical allocation we are neutral on UK equities. Whilst the valuation is attractive, the uncertainties around Brexit and commodities give us low visibility. Under a Brexit deal scenario we anticipate domestic stocks to outperform international stocks, and for FTSE 250 to outperform FTSE 100. Under [...]

UBS Report: UK economy

Summary: Brexit: The fallout from the cabinet's acceptance of the Brexit withdrawal agreement (WA) has been larger than we expected. The PM was always likely to face problems gaining approval in parliament for the deal, but with a number of resignations already tendered, and speculation about a leadership challenge, momentum is building behind the possibility of (yet) another general election, [...]

E2E – born out of Scotland’s former ‘Entrepreneurial Exchange’ comes to Glasgow

E2E, the UK-based entrepreneurs’ community with 30,000 Ambassadors to date, and IWG, the world’s leading flexible workplace provider, are hosting the latest #ScaleUp2Success event on the 13th November at the impressive Spaces building in Glasgow. The event is marking seven years of E2E’s support of entrepreneurs and SMEs across the country. E2E began in 2011 and was inspired by the […]

UBS Investor Watch: Return on values

For the latest UBS Investor Watch, UBS surveyed more than 5,300 investors in 10 markets on sustainable investing. UBS found that, while some investors understand the basic concept, confusion about sustainable investing terms, its various approaches and even its impact, is widespread. For example, investors make little distinction among the three major sustainable investment approaches: exclusion, integration and impact investing. [...]

Is technology actually making us any more productive?

There’s a weird thing in economics, and it’s not showing what people think it’s showing. It’s called the productivity paradox, and it goes like this: despite all these new technologies – personal computers, digital communications, the internet and so on – productivity growth in western economies hasn’t increased. Computers, some are saying, haven’t really proved themselves to be that great […]

Case Briefing: Unexplained Wealth Order

Article written by Partners Joel Seager and Zarko Iankov, and Solicitor Katrina Walker from Memery Crystal This year has seen the introduction of the new Unexplained Wealth Order (“UWO”) regime. The purpose of the regime is to provide the UK’s enforcement authorities with an investigative tool to obtain information and trace the proceeds of international crime with the ultimate aim […]

The next financial crisis could crush PE’s middle market

Middle-market purchase price multiples in the US have nearly doubled since 2009, per Pitchbook‘s 3Q 2018 US PE Middle Market Report. To be sure, most metrics and indicators have bounced back substantially from the crisis, and private equity is no exception. PE valuations have risen moderately from year to year, sometimes in fits and starts, and now stand close to […]

Mayor backs business with launch of new Brexit Business hub

London Assembly The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has told business leaders that he will always champion their interests and formally launched his new interactive hub to help companies of all shapes and sizes navigate Brexit. Speaking to more than two hundred representatives from some of London’s largest employers at his business reception last night, Sadiq said that despite the […]

What are the private markets?

Whether you’re catching an Uber or buying a pair of Toms, you use services and products from venture capital- and private equity-backed companies every day. Yet the average person is unlikely to know much, if anything, about this world. Venture capital and private equity are two major subsets of a much larger, complex part of the economy known as the [...]

MANUFACTURING | What to do when relocating

As we draw a close to the calendar year, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has handed down an important judgment on the right to paid annual leave. The Court decided that a worker should not automatically lose their right to paid annual leave because they did not apply for it.   What is this case all […]

Why Tuesday at 10am is the ideal time for a conference call

Love it or loathe it, the conference call is likely to continue playing a central role in employees’ lives as more and more companies embrace remote working. It may be a fantastic way to communicate with remote teams, but it can also be one of the biggest threats to productivity. People talk over each other, lines are intermittent, and it’s […]

L3C AI in ActIon: How to commercialise an AI solution

Can an SME commercialise an AI solution?   At the recent L3C AI in ActIon conference at the Royal Institution we heard from many organisations from ‘Goliaths’ such as IBM, Microsoft, Citbank, Deloitte, NVidia and D.FI to ‘Davids’ such as Ontotext, 1plusX and Elevate Direct discuss how they were using AI in their respective industries to refine processes, provide more [...]

IWG and E2E inspire 200 SME leaders at latest event for entrepreneurs

IWG, the leading flexible workplace provider, and E2Exchange (E2E), the London-based entrepreneurs’ community with 30,000 Ambassadors to date, has marked a year of supporting SMEs across the country with its latest #ScaleUp2Success event, held at the impressive new Spaces building at Tower Hill. The event, which focussed on a number of topics, including the challenges entrepreneurs could face when scaling […]

Implementing Machine Learning Strategies for Business Success

With each passing day, machine learning’s business implications are becoming clearer. Machine learning is a branch of artificial learning in which systems identify patterns from data, learn from insights, and make autonomous decisions with very little human intervention. As the number of smart devices connected to internet increase, so will the data generated by them. This deluge of data is [...]

BREXIT: a one year countdown

A year to go: the clouds are starting to clear   By Dean Turner, Economist, UBS Wealth Management Last week, we were greeted with the news that the UK and the EU27 have agreed the terms of a transition arrangement for when the UK leaves the bloc next March. As this outcome was our “base case”, I confess to being […]

A week is a long time…

You know the phrase. And I have to confess that trying to keep up with events in Westminster over the past seven days has been more challenging than most. Moreover, as I sit here on a Monday morning penning this editorial, I am not sure I am any the wiser about where all of this is heading. This feels like [...]

Inspiring Gender Equality Starts at Home

It isn’t enough to make an effort to hire more women into senior management positions, we instead must look to educate the younger generation   Efforts to increase the proportion of female board members on FTSE 100 boards have stalled at 25 per cent and the number of female board hires has fallen compared to last year. Despite a concerted […]

Judy Naake: E2E Pioneer & ‘Queen of the Self Tan ‘ sold her business for multi-millions

E2E pioneer ‘Queen of the Self Tan ‘ sold her business for multi-millions after over-coming breast-cancer   At E2E, we believe that our Pioneers (GBP100m turnover founders), Ambassadors (GBP10m turnover founders) and Advocates (GBP0.5m turnover founders) are the UK’s leading individuals focused on building and nurturing extraordinary entrepreneurship in the UK and beyond. One of our Pioneers is Judy Naake, […]

Will Over Skill? The challenges of hiring in businesses where culture counts

The challenges of global management – hiring in face of cultural differences   Last week I was fortunate enough to attend an event at the House of Lords, hosted by E2Exchange — a community of 20,000 entrepreneurs, non-executive directors and investors servicing the scale up community in the UK — and Chaired by Lord Karan Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman of Cobra Beer Partnership, and a […]

4 Of The Best Tips For Surviving Investor Due Diligence

Many entrepreneurs dread the seemingly mysterious due diligence process. However, there are a few steps you can take to help you to survive the process   Introduction We’ve all heard stories of business plans being scrutinised and whole deals being killed after being closely examined by an experienced investor.   Here are 4 of the best tips for surviving Investor […]

Let’s think outside the London box

Many of our best prospects for success are being created outside the capital   The area around Old Street in east London can feel like another planet. Its inhabitants — start-up founders, venture capital investors and, increasingly, management consultants — rarely leave the coffee shops and shared workspaces of “Silicon Roundabout”. Venturing outside London is like intergalactic travel. This is […]

E2E and Regus Collaborate to Build the UK’s Largest Entrepreneurial Community

London based E2E has teamed up with global leader Regus to create the UK’s largest collection of SME business leaders.   IWG UK is the UK’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with a network of 360 locations in every major town and city in the UK. The partnership with E2E represents a big step forward in fulfilling E2E’s mission […]

5 things you didn’t know about apprenticeships

It’s time to bury the myths surrounding apprenticeships   The stigma around apprenticeships is changing. Gone are the days when people viewed work-based learning as a “back-up plan” in the event of a university application failing. Apprenticeships are becoming a first choice for young people looking to enter the professional environment early, while continuing to gain new skills. Over the […]

Ways to Self-Motivate

Self-motivation in the workplace truly is a skill and an area skilled entrepreneurs always excel in. In an article on self-motivation, Peter Gasca, contributor at “Entrepreneur,” says that simply following a few key steps can enormously improve your success. He says that to become a self-motivated business leader, one must require time, dedication and practice. Along with this, the best [...]

The New Way of Raising Capital – Crowdfunding

Finding funding for scale up companies seems to be a recurring theme for entrepreneurs. For those who are searching, crowdfunding, a reward system, based on how much crowdfunders decide to contribute, can be extremely successful. Larger companies also have been seen to use the power of crowdfunding as the possibility for international exposure is much more likely. For those who [...]

Why big business is eyeing the prize of working with start-ups

From lumbering predators to collaborative partner, Nesta’s Chris Haley looks at the growing relationship between corporates and innovative start-ups.   What creatures come to mind when start-ups think about large firms – Sharks? Dinosaurs? Many of the common terms are not hugely complementary. However, corporates are, more than ever, trying to be seen as collaborative partners rather than lumbering predators. […]

UBS Investor Watch: UK insights on investor sentiment / 2Q 2018

In this first global issue of UBS Investor Watch – the largest recurring survey of wealthy investors in the world – UBS explores the relationship between wealth, health and longevity. More than 5,000 wealthy individuals in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the U.S., and the UAE shared their views with us. UBS found that today, around [...]

Rob Wilson

Rob has created the philanthropic organization that takes stale bread from stores and restaurants and turns it into beer. TOASTALE is the extremely successful and the extremely exciting company that does not only answer to the world’s love of good beer, but also supports the importance of sustainability in consumption and business growth. Rob donates all of his profits into [...]

A tribute to Toni Mascolo OBE; one of the greatest and most humble entrepreneurs of our time.

It is with great sadness that we learnt on Sunday of the death of our Toni Mascolo OBE, co-founder Toni & Guy and Founding E2E Pioneer. Toni’s profound impact as he took entrepreneurs on his extraordinary journey through over half a century of business, inspiring and guiding them to face their challenges, scale, and grow to reach their true potential […]

Efficient Philanthropy: Points to consider to make your philanthropy more efficient and impactful

At UBS, we help you to give to philanthropic causes you care most about in an easy and effective way. Often, we find that clients want to give away some of their wealth at a later date once they know that the needs of themselves and their loved ones are taken care of. However, gifting money to philanthropic causes during [...]

A year to go: the clouds are starting to clear

Dean Turner Economist, UBS AG   Last week, we were greeted with the news that the UK and the EU27 have agreed the terms of a transition arrangement for when the UK leaves the bloc next March. As this outcome was our “base case”, I confess to being pleased about the result. It also provides me reason, on this ‘one-year-to-go’ […]

WHAT’S IT ALL FOR? A Guide to Business Succession

Mark Goddard Managing Director, Private Wealth Management, UBS   Sometimes the most simple questions can be the most revealing. When it comes to business owners, nothing seems to divide them more than asking ‘what is your business for?’. This separates the serial entrepreneur from the family business and from the person with a vision who has put every last remaining […]

UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index

UBS Chief Investment Office Americas, WM   Key results Bubble risk seems greatest in Toronto, where it has increased significantly in the last year. Stockholm, Munich, Vancouver, Sydney, London and Hong Kong all remain in risk territory, with Amsterdam joining this group after being overvalued last year. Valuations are stretched in Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Zurich, Frankfurt, Tokyo and [...]

Longer Term Investments: Smart mobility

UBS, Chief Investment Office Americas, Wealth Management Rolf Ganter, CFA, analyst; Carl Berrisford, analyst; Kevin Dennean, Technology Equity Sector Strategist Americas; Sally Dessloch, Head Equity Sector Strategy Americas   Summary   Smart mobility is set for takeoff. Regulatory changes and technological advances will lead to greater electrification of cars, autonomous driving, and new car-sharing mobility concepts. This will reshape the [...]

TAKING ACTION: How women can best protect and grow their wealth

Mara Harvey Head UBS Unique Mark Haefele Global Chief Investment Officer, UBS Jane Schwartzberg Head Strategic Client Segments WMA, UBS Mike Ryan Chief Investment Officer Americas, UBS   It’s time to take control There are a great many factors that influence the investment decision-making process for individuals ranging from household wealth, to education, to experience, to age, and even to […]

WHAT’S IT ALL FOR? Wealth and the next generation

That was the surprisingly deep question suddenly posed by a UBS client at one of our regular dinners. Until that moment, it had been a relatively routine conversation about wealth planning and succession. With this unexpected intervention, however, it became a passionate discussion and debate that lasted for more than two hours. The question of what wealth is fundamentally for [...]

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