Investment Platform

We learn from entrepreneurs every day that knowing when, how and where to access equity and debt finance, proves to be one of the main challenges in running a business. We pride ourselves in the connectivity we can establish with finance providers; both angels and organisations.


Investement Platform

For us, it’s not just about finding the money, it’s also about finding the RIGHT money to unlock the full growth potential of ambitious scale-up businesses UK-wide.

Alongside our investment network, we have a £50 million investment facility to provide bespoke financing solutions for British entrepreneurs. The facility is open to all E2E Members seeking to secure between £0.25 million and £5 million of equity finance for:

  • EIS-qualifying businesses, with significant growth potential

  • A strong product-market fit, ideally proven by sales of >£0.5 million

  • Defensible business model with solid IP where applicable

  • A clear exit route

Our experience has shown that no two businesses are alike. E2E thus looks forward to working closely with entrepreneurs to understand the unique features of each project, whether debt or equity and offer bespoke funding solutions.

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