We had the opportunity of interviewing Graham Hobson, founder of Photobox on (the largest personalisation company in Europe) what sustainability in business means to him.
1. What does sustainability mean in business?
Providing great service whilst minimising use of natural resources and reducing environmental impact.
“Capitalism discounts the true cost resources.”
We need to assume that one day that cost will be added back in, so act like the additional cost is there now. 

2. Why should all businesses embrace sustainability?

  • Businesses that act responsibly and proactively will be recognised and rewarded by customers becoming increasingly aware of their own responsibilities.

Sustainability is of great personal interest and I tend to choose more sustainable options by default – Graham Hobson.

3. How did Photobox create sustainability for its business strategy?

Continuously and in many small ways:

  • Reduced consumables in the production process.

  • Recycled silver and chemistry.

  • Reduced packaging and switched from plastics to biodegradable materials.

  • We also launched a brand which ran completely carbon neutral (including production and delivery) by using offsetting from climatepartner.com

Graham Hobson speaking at E2E’s House of Lords Breakfast reception in London


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