Self-motivation in the workplace truly is a skill and an area skilled entrepreneurs always excel in. In an article on self-motivation, Peter Gasca, contributor at “Entrepreneur,” says that simply following a few key steps can enormously improve your success. He says that to become a self-motivated business leader, one must require time, dedication and practice.

Along with this, the best way to start each day is to set out your goals clearly and realistically, which may seem evident but is very effective. Lifestyle blogger, Leo Babuta, in Zen Habits explains how if you feel as though your tasks for each week are like “big rocks”, your goal each day should be to “chip away at these rocks.” This mentality means you will keep working towards the final goal, one bit at a time.

The article also recommends plenty of sleep and a strong morning routine, suggesting you should aim to get around 30% of your work for the day out of the way within 3 hours of waking up, as this is when you’re at your most productive. Gasca also goes onto say that “we are naturally wired to react to incentives,” why not try involving those around you by challenging friends and colleagues, to create a friendly competition to see how much you can get done?


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