Current studies state that there are over four billion internet users in 2019 and more than three billion social media users in the world. This means if you want to go to where people are, you need to be active online; making digital marketing more vital than ever before in reaching a larger audience.

With such a diverse product appealing to a large diverse group of customers, Digital Marketing has enabled TickX to create and distribute relevant, timely messaging to customers and get near-instant feedback.

Rory Burns, Director of Marketing & Growth at TickX, said:

“ Digital marketing has allowed TickX to scale far more efficiently than traditional means.”

On the right are some of the main advantages of digital marketing which have come as a result of TickX’s digital marketing achievements.

Recommendations to boost digital marketing performance

A big mistake that many digital-first marketers make is to ignore their customers in a web of keywords and banner ads – with so many different messages executed and analysed simultaneously, strong customer understanding and good planning is still essential to success.


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