The future of food and the challenges we face.

  • The UN predicts the global population will swell from less than eight billion today to around 10 billion in the next three decades. Growing healthy food in a sustainable way for such a vast number of people requires rethinking our current approach to the food supply chain and applying technology intelligently to enhance what nature already offers.

  • The good news is that we are on the cusp of a new consumer-driven agricultural revolution that will likely reshape the way we farm, ship, and consume food. Change is being driven by five megatrends: 1) The political economy under scarcity; 2) the new-age consumer; 3) health and wellness; 4) digital catch-up; and 5) sustainable living.

  • The nascent food revolution offers notable investment opportunities in select segments like plant-based protein, Farming 4.0, online food delivery, and seed treatment and science. Perhaps most importantly, it offers investors the opportunity to profit and to make a positive difference in how the world farms and eats.

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