Mara Harvey
Head UBS Unique

Mark Haefele
Global Chief Investment Officer, UBS

Jane Schwartzberg
Head Strategic Client Segments WMA, UBS

Mike Ryan
Chief Investment Officer Americas, UBS


It’s time to take control

There are a great many factors that influence the investment decision-making process for individuals ranging from household wealth, to education, to experience, to age, and even to geographic location. But one factor that has been consistently under-appreciated is the role that gender can play in those decisions.

What’s more, those differences likely contribute to the “gender gap” that has been broadly observed in the wealth disparities between men and women. So in this paper, we explore some of the potential sources of gender divergence on

investment decision making by considering an illustrative ‘Jane’ and ‘Joe,’ modeling their financial outcomes based on some common male and female circumstances. The examples show that, compared to Joe, Jane’s circumstances, financial confidence, and attitude to investing can actually make it harder for her to achieve her financial goals, thus widening rather than narrowing the gender gap.

Of the many differences between women and men, how they build and invest their wealth over time is one of the most important. So finding the right investment approach can make a big difference in improving the financial well-being as well as the quality of women’s lives.


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