Sustainable investing after COVID-19

Through the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the global economy and
markets in 2020, sustainable investing (SI) strategies and instruments have delivered
comparable or better performance than conventional equivalents. This is a short time-frame
and an unprecedented situation, so relative performance should not be directly extrapolated
over the longer term, but investors with SI exposure within a diversified portfolio should be
encouraged by recent short-term returns.

The crisis underscores the relevance of ESG considerations to company performance and
investment returns, and we expect that this will continue to influence corporate and investor
actions going forward. In this report, we discuss five trends arising or accelerating as a
consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and global mitigation measures, which we think
will play out over the next 12 months, affecting the longer-term landscape of sustainable

Video 1 – A wake-up call for investors
Featuring Mark Haefele and Andrew Lee. Explains why Covid-19 accelerated the urgency of looking at ESG issues, why sustainable assets outperformed during the crisis and why we think it will have a significant impact on performance in the long term

Video 2 – How to invest
An animated video explaining how UBS enables its clients to invest according to a fully sustainable multi-asset portfolio framework, combining performance and sustainability

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