We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the E2E Entrepreneur Awards Birmingham. The award ceremony will be held at #SCALEUP2SUCCESS Birmingham on 27th March – we hope you can join us. For more information about our Birmingham event, visit our event page here.

E2E Start Up Entrepreneur To Watch For Birmingham

  1. Redbeard
  2. QuickBird
  3. Snoozle
  4. Buckt
  5. Whisk

E2E Social Impact Entrepreneur Birmingham

  1. Jericho Foundation
  2. Let’s Feed Brum
  3. Beatfreeks
  4. Inside Outcomes
  5. Vanti

E2E Entrepreneur EcoSystem Supporter Birmingham

  1. TeacherActive
  2. Touchretail
  3. Story Comms
  4. Blueprint Interiors
  5. Turn Partners

E2E Next Big Scale Up Entrepreneur To Watch Birmingham

  1. Flashsticks
  2. Elonex
  3. Clearabee
  4. Right Time Recruitment
  5. VoxPopMe

E2E Scaled Up Entrepreneur Birmingham

  1. RSK Group
  2. Click Travel
  3. Pertemps
  4. East End Foods
  5. Hawthorn Leisure


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