E2E Member Kerrine Bryan

Co-Founder of Butterfly Books

Kerrine Bryan is the Co-Founder of Butterfly Books, a company which creates and publishes children’s books centred around addressing gender bias within careers. Through this, Butterfly Books hopes to inspire young children to explore their career opportunities from a young age without limitations.

Kerrine and her brother Jason founded the company together as they saw themselves in a unique position to offer a valuable insight to tackling gender bias in the workforce. Jason is an avid writer with two daughters, and he became determined that they would grow up exposed to the full opportunities available to them. Kerrine as an engineer realised the lack of easily available knowledge to her when she was younger, and the misconceptions surrounding women in STEM.

Some of their previous books include:

  • My Mummy is an Engineer
  • My Daddy is a Nurse
  • My Mummy is a Firefighter

and their upcoming book is titled My Mummy is a Footballer.


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