E2E Member Dagmar Smit – Founder of Elegantes London

E2E Member and CEO of Elegantes London, Dagmar Smit started off their entrepreneurial career by first establishing a thorough reputation and portfolio as leading hoteliers. In Prague, the couple bought an old monastery and renovated it into what would become Prague’s award-winning The Augustine hotel. From there, moving to Dubai to set up a  suites-only five-star travel destination.

With a high class reputation, business experience and dreams on her mind, Dagmar and Thomas founded Elegantes London with the goal of creating a perfume house like no other. Inspired by a quote, “Elegant people of our time are honourable people who pass on their values to others”, Dagmar’s company is an extension of her ideals and identity.

Thus Elegantes London shapes this passion to bring perfume creation back to its original roots and traditions using some of the best artisanal talent and ingredients available to them. Thus creating a unique sensory experience that is unrivalled in quality and grace.

Today Elegantes has three perfume sets, each with 12 unique scents. Every bottle is handcrafted from flacon down to the handwriting on the labels to highlight the care and attention each customer receives.


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