We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the E2E Entrepreneur Awards in Sheffield on 12th February. Please come and support these businesses and our speakers on 12th February by Registering for tickets here.

E2E Scaled-Up Entrepreneur:

A company that has achieved scale up growth, has a high turnover as well as number of employees, and could be considered a source of inspiration for scale up companies in our entrepreneurial community.

The Sheffield Brewery Company
Bluetree Group
The English Shaving Company

E2E Start Up Entrepreneur To Watch For:

A smaller sized company with a unique idea that deserves to be recognised, brings a new dynamic to the market, achieving growth and becoming more well-known in the entrepreneurial community.

Desi High Street
Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Love the Lot
Meadowhead Flowers

E2E Next Big Scale Up Entrepreneur to Watch for:

A scale up that is disruptive, achieving growth and actively scaling up through investment, expansion and/or innovation.

Bossa Nova
Joi Palloi
Military Training Limited

E2E Entrepreneur Ecosystem Supporter:

A company that is, through projects or by the nature of the USP itself, supporting entrepreneurial networks throughout Glasgow city and/or Scotland.

Sheffield Digital
Kollider Projects
Elevation Recruitment Group
Fynd Limited

E2E Social Impact Entrepreneur:

A company that is, through projects or by the nature of the USP itself, having a social impact on Glasgow city and/or Scotland. It is creating a significant, positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge.

Tickets For Good
Perform Green
Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens


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