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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have postponed our in-person events programme for the remainder of March and April to later this year. Please check out our Events Calendar for the new dates and to view our virtual events.

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Challenges Facing Small Enterprises in 2020

Challenges Facing Small Enterprises in 2020 The current state of the world has created massive challenges for small enterprises everywhere. This is particularly true for those in the retail sector, where physical distancing and other “new normal” guidelines have upended the most common retail business models. Because of the lockdown in the UK, a report by The Guardian indicates that nearly [...]

Sustainable investing after COVID-19

Sustainable investing after COVID-19 Through the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the global economy and markets in 2020, sustainable investing (SI) strategies and instruments have delivered comparable or better performance than conventional equivalents. This is a short time-frame and an unprecedented situation, so relative performance should not be directly extrapolated over the longer term, but investors with [...]

Does disruption still make sense?

Disruptive innovation It was 1995 when the term Disruptive innovation was first coined by Clayton M. Christensen in his bookThe Innovator's Dilemma. Over the next 4 min we will answer, what is disruption? how does it apply in my market? and where to start? Before getting into it, I would like to stress the importance of looking ahead instead of [...]


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