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  • If you are a Founder, Business Owner, or Key Shareholder of a scaling business with a turnover greater than £500k you are eligible to become a member

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  • Ready to commit to a journey with trusted peers

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  • Access to a £50 million financing facility for SMEs

  • 3 months FREE on any IWG UK and Spaces suite packages

  • Invitations for you as our guest to curated E2E events where we will facilitate bespoke introduction

  • Enable you, if needed, to secure investors and Non-Exec Directors

  • Selective non-exec opportunities including helping you to secure non-exec positions

  • Enable you to meet and connect with our Executive Board of Directors and Advisory Board

  • Personal introductions of value and profiling you where possible, with your permission

  • Assist on exits, acquisitions and a suite of corporate services via our partners; some at discounted rates


“E2E brings huge amount of benefits to any member ... there are networking events, there are receptions, there are visits and of course the ability all to invest in companies. It’s endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and E2E is one of the best things to happen for entrepreneurship in London”

Lord Karan Bilimoria, Founder of Cobra Beer

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